My Hobbies and Interests

This is my public page for hobbies and interests. It is much easier to keep one website with stuff I want to share than to sign up for 150 different social media sites and have to remember that many different 500 character, randomly generated passwords that have no personally identifiable information and have to be changed each time theres a hack at one of these top notch tech companies or every 90 days (whichever comes first).

I also prefer providing 1 company (my host) my name, address, and phone number rather than 150 social media sites who claim my information is secure and immediately load it up into a mass marketing database so they can constantly show me products I have no interest in or ads for things I just bought.

Theres nothing too interesting here as this is mostly a place for me to log cool things I'm doing (i.e. things that I find interesting),  a centralized place to find things that I want to look back at, and possibly share some information about things I get asked about a lot (or at least it seems that way).